How a virtual accountant works for you


Being a virtual (over the internet) accountant lets us be part of your team. Whether you're running your accounting

package "in the cloud" or on your own PC or laptop we are on call at your side.


Although not physically present we can do almost everything "virtually" on your system. When we "meet" using TeamViewer, we see your computer, seeing what you actually see. We can work on your live system rather than a copy. We can also switch directions so you can see our computer for presentations, etc.


When we pick up an error, it's great to work with the actual user to fix the transaction and train the operator so they know how to do it correctly next time. This helps to reduce errors in the future. If we find the same errors keep cropping up, we will eventually suggest we do your accounts via a bank feed, although that is a last resort. Our aim is always to minimise the effort required to get your accounts right.


From getting your authority to work for you through completing each year's accounts, and getting final accounts and tax returns signed. But generally, we use the Internet as our medium of choice.




So, in a nutshell, that's our virtual accounting service - pretty much like "real" ones - but without the geographic limits. We have the tools to be part of your team - not just to do your accounts at year-end. When you need us, we can be there to help you - virtually. We have found that a five or ten-minute session can solve a problem, and educate you so next time it's easier.