We chose Academy of Business Excellence Limited as the name of our business services company. When we set up this company to offer accounting services, it made sense to keep the same essence.


Our preferred approach is to work with you to appreciate the information you have, firstly by ensuring it's correct, and then by enabling you to use it appropriately. We try and help you understand what the figures mean, and how you can use them to improve things.

We want to be part of your team - not just number crunchers you hear from once a year.


Academy: The garden near Athens in which Plato taught. Today an academy is a place of study or training in a special art. We see learning as a life-long process which occurs most effectively when it occurs within the context of real life - not when you're cloistered away from the real world. Just as importantly, while some happens when you're on your own, much learning happens when you're not on your own.


Learning as vital to life. We each have learned different things at different levels. I used to feel cheated that some things we learned turned out not to be so (such as some of the science or history we learned at school). Now I see it as part of an ongoing process, which will never be completed during our life on earth.


We love to help people learn more about an aspect of their business they often feel less than thrilled about. In turn, we often learn little bits about their business activity.