We ask a few questions before we give a fixed price. These include the business itself, entity (company, sole trader, trust, etc.), tax history, current arrangements (software, tax agent etc), etc. A copy of your latest financials will also help us get an accurate picture. But this is what we do.


Accounts are followed by NZ business tax returns. Tax returns are relatively simple for a NZ tax accountant IF the accounts are structured and processed correctly. Your focus should always be on getting all account transactions recorded correctly. We check that everything is consistent., making it less likely you will be challenged by IRD.


Then there are payments. We then tell you what is due when and send reminders nearer the time.


If you're not going to be able to make these payments on the due date, we suggest you talk to us before that date. We can usually negotiate a repayment schedule - and IRD usually remits penalties on these. But only if the arrangement is in place before the due date - and only if you stick to it. Alternatively, there are legal ways to transfer tax from over-payers via intermediaries, thus helping both parties and we can advise on that.


We don't just deal with income tax. We can advise on all sorts of NZ tax.