We try and answer basic questions about our services through this site - but if you'd rather, just contact us to arrange a free one-hour consultation to talk about your specific needs with a NZ accountant.


We're about:

  1. Making sure your accounts make sense and have no major errors

  2. Making sure you understand any issues that arise so that in future you handle them correctly.

  3. When there are choices to make, we make sure you understand the effects of the choices.

  4. We help you learn to keep your accounting correctly, so there are few errors to adjust year-end, which is a win-win for both of us. We don't charge extra for that. We carry the cost of getting you up to speed. After all, we're the accountant - not you.

We provide:

  1. Quality New Zealand accounting services (set of accounts and tax returns) according to professional standards.

  2. Assurance you are not paying more NZ tax than you have to - and don't get in trouble with IRD.

  3. Help with tax management and accounting through-out the year as questions arise (by phone and / or internet as required).

  4. Business advice as required.

There are a few things that make us different from most NZ accountants.

  1. Virtual accounting - our computer to your computer, see Virtual services.

  2. You must run accounting software (desktop or cloud) with NZ GST.

  3. We encourage you to ask questions throughout the year to ensure you are doing things correctly.

  4. We review your accounting system with you (over the Internet) before starting your accounts.

  5. We update your accounting system at end-of-year with depreciation, tax and other adjustments required to mirror final accounts.

  6. Our policy: no surprises - particularly fees - these are agreed in advance. You pay a fixed fee monthly for the current financial year (no bill when we do your accounts). And there are no extra charges in almost all situations. (In your first year, accounts done for the financial year just completed will incur a bill for those accounts separately from your monthly a/p.)

To summarise, the key aspect of our service is it helps you do as much as possible - correctly.