I was a Chartered Accountant, but when the monopoly NZICA had was ended, I changed and am now a Certified Public Accountant - a member of CPA Australia with a certificate of public practice. I'm also a member of RAN ONE - an international organisation helping accountants and others provide quality services to help their clients grow.


I was born in Wellington and raised in the Wairarapa, before returning to Wellington to study at Victoria University. We moved to Lower Hutt a couple of years after we got married.


I have worked in various organisations, mainly as an accountant. Business experiences combined with family and church experiences, led me to the view that bigger is not necessarily better - hence the move into public accounting dealing with businesses largely run by the owners. While small businesses face many challenges, there is not the same sense of battling institutions (apart from IRD, ACC, etc).


Hobbies: In earlier days, I enjoyed slot cars (if you remember them), and also "real" photography. I developed black and white film and did my prints in a dark-room - otherwise known as the kitchen. I learned the hard way the importance of batteries after taking a lot of slides on a three week trip around the South Island, only to find on our return home the flattish batteries had been giving me erroneous meter readings - so all our slides were significantly underdone.


Home schooling: Our developing view of life led to home schooling our children - a fascinating time which greatly affected our approach to life. It opened our eyes to all sorts of possibilities we might never have considered and we met some truly amazing people. One thing in particular that affected me was realising there's more than one way to look at things - and just because someone doesn't agree with me doesn't make them wrong. That was quite a revelation.


House church: This desire for continued growth and exploration of new areas also contributed to a move out of the institutional church and a search for more substance in our lives. It's an exciting and challenging time and brings into question much of accepted culture. We look forward to the future with anticipation - if less certainty.


Frustration: We didn't start out in practice with this as our goal. Rather frustration levels built up over years in business - including conventional practices. I saw businesses running the same way year after year, often earning their owners less than they could earn as an employee. I realised that this was a very common scenario - the not-for-profit business. Probably 90% or so of businesses could not pay the owners a reasonable rate of remuneration for the work they do as employees, directors' fees for managing the business, interest on capital employed, and still generate a profit.


Health: On another front, my health threw in a complication. I discovered that I have a hereditary condition that caused my kidneys to deteriorate to the point that after more than a year on dialysis, including a heart operation, I've recently received a new kidney (courtesy of my magnificent wife / office manager). So now I'm focused on making the most of my life and work.