Born and bred in Taranaki, I came to Wellington for tertiary training as a computer programmer. We moved to Lower Hutt a couple of years after we married. Then I became a stay-at-home mum, focused on helping our children grow into adulthood - including raising them at home rather than sending them off to school. This was initially a nervous decision - but eventually, it just became a natural part of our lives.

Hobbies: My hobbies include sewing and knitting and other "crafty" type things. I made a lot of the clothes our children wore, decorating t-shirts and sweatshirts with 'Tri-chem' paints before the variety available today was around. I also enjoyed a quilting course and have completed my first quilt.


I have been involved in singing since my childhood, singing with cousins or sisters, and school productions. Later, I was involved in church and other music groups and enjoyed singing with David Dell's Take Note Singers.


With the advent of digital cameras, I enjoy taking photos that you can see straight away, without worrying about the cost of printing. Experimenting with close-ups of flowers etc is a favourite.


Over the years at home, I have done programming for Phil in his different places of work. Now I work with Phil, looking after the paperwork in our businesses (especially tax), as well as looking after our own business, and working on this website. It's also been interesting working with our son on this - watching his abilities develop.