Our fees are not the cheapest you can find - but are at the lower end of professional accountant's fees - especially when you consider we don't charge extra for things we regard as essential - like getting it right!.

  • We're upfront about our fees - and teaching you to do your own books reliably is not an extra fee - we're the accountant so that's our job.

  • Free 1 hour consultation to all new client enquiries.

  • We agree a fixed fee up front.

  • You pay by monthly A/P in advance. There's no extra bill coming when we do your accounts - you've already paid and can claim it immediately, rather than waiting until the next year. Depending on when your A/P starts, you may get an initial bill to catch up. Money paid in advance by A/P is held on deposit until the accounts are done.

  • Queries and ad hoc support (including showing you how to use your system) are part of our service - there's no extra cost.

  • If additional work is requested (e.g. advanced tax advice requiring technical specialists, business development), it will be quoted and when agreed, billed separately.