How do we keep such modest fixed fees without charging extra for every little task? (We do charge extra for non-standard tasks - setting up a new entity, changing accounting systems, changing shareholders, etc.)


We are your accountant on your team. If you have an accounting issue, it's our job to sort it. But to keep that working properly requires that we work together. There's always a learning curve - but that's our issue. If it continues to be an issue, then we need to deal with it. That's why the one client who would not change his ways is no longer a client.


Our accounting cycle is very simple.

  • Complete questionnaires
  • Review questionnaires
  • Sign questionnaires
  • Review accounting systems
  • Amend accounting systems
  • Produce accounts and tax returns
  • Review accounts and tax returns
  • Sign accounts and tax returns
  • File tax returns
  • Send reminders to pay as required

That sounds fairly standard, but if not followed can result in both extra time and cost. We wear that initially - but if it continues changes have to be made. The ultimate one is parting ways - but that is seldom necessary. If it does work as expected, you win by getting very competitive fees, and we win by being able to focus on your more important issues