Local accounting


By and large, we offer our services "virtually" - but we do have one exception.


Our office worker / manager is available at sometimes to help with sort out your business office, administration and book-keeping needs. This is restricted to the Hutt Valley - and doesn't require you to become an accounting client.


If you are looking for a local accountant, what do you actually want? Do you want an accountant you go and see occasionally? Or do you want someone to call on you when you're not clear on things?


What does a local accountant do?


If you need them to process your invoicing and bills, run your debtors, payroll, or banking then a local person is important. If this is you, our services aren't for you (except as mentioned, our office worker / manager could sort out those tasks in the Valley).

If you want a professional accountant who helps you enjoy (or at least appreciate) producing timely accounts and tax returns, and who loves you to ask questions as they come up (with no extra charge), then our accounting services should appeal to you. And if you are interested in growing your business and seeing how far you can go, then you might also be interested in our business development services.


What does a virtual accountant do?


What appeals to our clients is knowing they have an accountant on their team who helps them get things right when they want help. In many ways having a virtual accountant is more "local" to you than a local accountant.

We can do your accounts (and GST returns)  via a system with an electronic bank feed, or more commonly, you can do them with your choice of an accounting system and with our help to get it right.


How this works

We help you make the best use of your system - over the internet with TeamViewer. That means that we can work together (broadband connection needed) on your computer. We can help as you work / learn - for five minutes or a couple of hours - whatever you need. We also review your first GST return or two (including reconciling) - and at year end check everything with you before taking your data for the accounts. After doing the accounts we provide the information needed to adjust your system. That way your system agrees with the formal accounts, including depreciation, salaries and tax, simplifying the following year's accounts.


If your system is in the "cloud" the principles are the same - just some details change.


All that and having an accountant to call on whenever you want is why many people like our services. "Local" no longer means nearby to us - it means we can be at your desktop within a minute or two.


Are we for you?


So what's the catch? We don't think there is a catch. We've identified the limits imposed by being a virtual accountant. We require a monthly A/P of our fee - but even that has advantages for you. Our A/P is all inclusive - so you won't get a further bill when the accounts are done. We reserve the right to charge extra - but that is only for extra services agreed in advance. These may include software upgrades (but you can usually do that yourself) or additional services like new entities or services. And we provide a quote in advance so you always know what the cost will be.

If you want to find out more about having us on your team, send us an e-mail - or phone or Skype us.