Business owners usually can't see much difference between accountants. After all, most just want some figures done to satisfy IRD. Similarly, accountant's see little difference between clients at first - but for many reasons, some clients fit some accountants better than others. And the cost to both parties of getting it wrong can be significant.


That's why we offer a no obligation "meeting" (usually via Skype) to help you work out how your accounting system can do more for you.


I guarantee that I will do at least one of three things:

  • Find mistakes which are costing you money, or if IRD found them would cost you money;
  • Identify options for your business which can increase your revenue or effectiveness; or
  • Solve a roadblock which prevents you from meeting your own objectives.

So what have you got to lose? If we can't find errors costing you (or that should cost you if IRD audited you) at least $500, and you feel we haven't identified options to increase  your revenue or effectiveness or identified a way to solve a blockage to meeting your own objectives, you can ask for a refund of your $150 (plus GST) fee.


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